There are a number of reasons why people seek out individual and group therapy. These reasons may be varied, but we can assure you that because the experience is completely subjective you will naturally feel alone and feel like no one understands. We thrive on creating a safe place to explore your deepest thoughts and feelings where your therapist will be authentic enough to challenge you to grow when you are stuck in particular biases, behaviours and belief systems that are not working for you. We do not provide a generic service and the therapists you will work with are real enough to have worked on their own biases and beliefs and ensure that this experience is unique and irreplicable. As your relationship builds with your therapist, therapy naturally provides a framework where you can work towards creating the life you desire and deserve. It is essential that you feel you are ready to engage in therapy as this is a unique opportunity for your therapist to share in your lived world and guide you to face up to your limitations and take control of your life. This is an investment in yourself which will trickle down into all areas of your life. It is natural to fear change, however by making an active conscious choice in this change will empower you beyond your imagination. There is something truly healing that occurs when you can feel understood in an atmosphere of safety and acceptance.

Significant or Chronic Emotional Distress

In contacting us at Harley Street Psychology, it is safe to assume that there must be significant or chronic emotional distress plaguing your life or that of a loved one. Although experiencing emotional distress and pain is part of being human, it is unnecessary to endure severe long-standing distress which no doubt is impairing your daily life and relationships. You unconsciously make the connection that therapy will bring about more emotional pain and because you feel so alone in your pain, in addition to shame and guilt more often than not, this becomes a deterrent to finding assistance. You need to ask yourself a very real question: Is this pain and emotional distress stopping me from achieving the life I deserve to lead?

Relationship Problems

Relationships can be a source of great inspiration and love, however they too can contribute to your emotional distress. This is a sign of your inability to navigate through your relationship WITH your partner/loved one, and instead it is you against them every step of the way. These troubled relationships may involve a spouse, parent, child, co-worker or significant other, but there does not have to be continuity in this disrupt. Taking part in marriage therapy or relationship therapy will provide you the opportunity to understand the root of the problem. We most certainly have the tools you need to correct these relationships, but the onus is on you to make the necessary choice to face this.

Family Concerns

Families should be about togetherness, love, joy, warmth and trust. However, it appears that society places less value in the meaning of family. Life is already difficult enough with other relationships, and family concerns should be the least of your worries. If your family is facing a difficult time, family therapy would be an empowering medium to help you overcome such difficulties. It is essential to ensure that your family life is in a state of harmony or at least working towards a state of balance. A balanced family life is a major key in your success in this world through providing emotional and mental support when most needed.

Coping Mechanisms

Emotional distress or relationship problems are often associated with the coping mechanisms we have learned, such as excessive shyness, weak communication, lack of assertiveness, or poor anger management. We will enable you to acquire and strengthen the skills that can benefit many of the most important areas of your life. This will assist you in achieving your full potential. We like to look at therapy as life enhancing, where any deficit in your life can be attended to in a manner which is contructive and lucrative in assisting you achieve your higher purpose in life

Sexual Problems

Sexual dissatisfaction and dysfunction are a growing problem in our society and these common problems can be embarrassing to talk about. Sex and sexuality are two areas in anyones life which are not essentially taught to us, in the same way we learn to drive a car. Regardless of where this is in the world there may be a potential stigma attached to its discussion. We at Harley Street Psychology ensure that individuals and couples will make substantial progress in obtaining the most enjoyable experience from their sexual functioning and future experiences.

Recent Loss

Powerful attachment to others is a unique human experience. Enduring breaks in these attachments — through death or separation — can result in great emotional pain. You will naturally feel unbalanced when this process occurs and often have various emotions that arise which can cause you to be in great emotional turmoil. It is only once you have allowed ourselves the appropriate amount of time to digest these emotions and their meanings that you will balance yourself to a place of harmony and equilibrium. Learning how to cope with loss and endings, you will find a new perspective on life and understand how to embrace life and be more in the moment.

Victim of Trauma or Abuse

Victimisation or any form of sexual abuse or violence can overwhelm your capacity to cope and leave emotional scars that impair your ability to live a normal life. No one should have to endure any of these emotionally scaring experiences, however they do occur. Safety is often at the forefront of our minds when needing a place to digest the emotions attached to what has happened to us. Harley Street Psychology provides a confidential and safe arena to discuss these issues with care and empathic support. We will focus on healing the wound caused by the trauma and assist you in being able to take charge of your life. This experience will empower you to move forward in your life.

A Clinical Disorder or Conditions

Mental disorders or psychological conditions can always be ameliorated through therapy. Such disorders may become central to your existence and embed themselves into feeling that they have meaning and purpose in your life. In many instances they actually become a crutch in dealing with the world which contributes to the difficulty in getting rid of them. These disorders and conditions disable your potential and capacity to grow. Our broad range of knowledge in various disorders and conditions will aid in your journey of understanding, moving you to a place where you WILL gain a greater sense of control and become empowered to face life in a different manner.

Personal Growth

Establishing a greater sense of meaning and purpose in your life, will always make you feel exhilarated and passionate about facing life on a daily basis. Obstacles and the givens in life often provide us with stumbling blocks and difficulties we at times have no idea how to navigate. Psychological therapy with us can help you overcome these snags, traps and dilemmas that have kept you from reaching your goals and becoming the person you want to be. If you believe that life should be more than what you are experiencing, then it is clear that more work needs to be done on a level of personal growth. Be mindful in considering therapy as an option in aiding you to achieve this feeling of momentum, as it is an investment in your well-being in achieving a life filled with deeper personal satisfaction.

Career Growth

The average time spent on one’s career is over 80% of our available time, which often takes a greater hold on our personal time with family and friends and loved ones, creating resentment and misunderstanding. The most beneficial work/life balance is 70% work and 30% leisure. However, with the “success movement” and a world wind of entrepreneurs and success moguls we are aiming at a 50/50 life balance. Most of us believe that this is near impossible and instead of seeking guidance in pushing us to a greater level of mastery we choose to remain in “safe” jobs and continue with what we know. Career issues can essentially affect all parts of your life – family, friends, and even your sense of who you are. By taking ownership of your own career growth and applying our flawless principles and mindsets, we guarantee that your career path will take you to unimaginable heights.

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