10 Weeks to Amazing Sex

Sexuality is more often than not only taught to us through reading literature on the subject; being educated at school on how to put a condom on in “sex education 101”; or through encountering “trial and error” in various sexual encounters through life.

What if learning about your sexuality was free from societal stigmas and biases and you had the freedom to enquire into a whole range of life enhancing and highly beneficial techniques and methods which would supplement having wonderful and fulfilling sex… would you want to know more?

I certainly would have taken this option at various stages of my life had it been available to me. I don’t doubt it would have served me very well in knowing how to enhance a sexual relationship adjacent to reducing insecurities in myself and my partner, ultimately reaching the point where sexuality would have been so simple, much like walking. There is no need to look any further if you believe that sex should be better, more invigorating, more special, more real, more connected, more alive… just more…

Researchers find that both men and women who have a satisfactory sex life tend to live longer than people who have an unsatisfactory sex life. You may have come to learn that a good or bad sex life reflects good or bad into almost every other area of your life, including your mental health.

A mistaken “fact” you may have heard that as we get older satisfactory sex lives become diminished—the truth is people with sexual difficulties are getting younger and younger—a reflection that something needs to change in one’s life.

Research has shown that both men and women can enjoy sex into their eighties, or even longer! Like many other things in life, it’s all in “knowing how” and making a few necessary adjustments. This research is based on “satisfactory” sex; imagine how phenomenal your life could be with EXTRAORDINARY sex!

The 10 weeks to amazing sex programme has revolutionised the sex lives of many couples and individuals both heterosexual and homosexual. A misconception is that such a programme is created for unhappy married couples… in actuality 10 weeks to amazing sex has been tailored to suit the needs of married, unmarried, single, heterosexual, homosexual or any sexuality you may subscribe to. What better opportunity to give your partner and yourself a mind blowing sex life whose affect will be long lasting, invigorating, health promoting and impact every other sphere of your life.

You may have heard that “issues with sexuality will ultimately lead to a psychological issue”

I will direct all my energy and knowledge to assist you with clarification to identify behavioural patterns blocking your comfortable functioning and suggest ways that you may use at home to resolve your difficulties. It requires time and effort from both of you. I will work directly with you.

There are no “magical cures”, except the magic that you both create and maintain together

Here are some of the exciting elements that make up the 10 Weeks to Amazing Sex Programme.

  • Master Ejaculation Control (Individually and with Partner)
  • Master Female Ejaculation (individually and with Partner)
  • Take ownership of the Masculine and Feminine within us
  • Understand and Manage your Sexual Energy
  • Expand the Sensuality of your Body and become Sexually Mindful
  • Learn your Language of Love and How to Communicate this
  • Develop your own style of Emotional Touch
  • The power of Masturbation (Individually or with Partner)
  • Embrace Tantric Sexual Techniques
  • The Art of Communication  


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