Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Treatment (OCD Treatment)

Unique, Bespoke, No-Nonsense OCD Treatment With 100% Track Record At Harley Street Psychology. Statistically Proven Psychotherapy Methods For Beating OCD. Effective Drug-Free Relief From OCD. Regain Your Confidence. Face Your Life Without Fear. Begin Trusting Yourself Again.

Imagine for a second what your life would be like when you overcome OCD today. Note the feelings of relief you may feel just from holding that image in your mind for a second! Imagine the amount of time you will have available to yourself to do all the things you’ve ever wanted to do. BUT also take note that none of these experiences will manifest unless you have the knowledge and skills necessary to face up to your OCD.

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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is a series of obsessive and compulsive thoughts and behavioural patterns, which develop as a result of heightened levels of fear associated with an outcome we hope, doesn’t occur. Because of the intricate thoughts and behaviours that begin to be associated with the feared outcome, the individual becomes reliant on ritualistic behaviour and thinking, which causes additional distress and panic. These irrational thinking patterns and behaviours interfere with day-to-day life and so much time and energy is focused on the rituals that no day can be attended to “normally” without the usage of them. Some of the common compulsions include repetitive checking and re-checking, excessive washing, hoarding objects with no use or meaning, paedophilic thoughts, extreme thoughts of hurting others, fear of the devil and other fantastical creatures, fear of contamination, fear of contaminating others.

Many practitioners do not understand the depth and difficulty of OCD and tend to be quite dismissive of the symptoms due to there being a constant shift in the type of compulsions and behaviours. We have noted that OCD is quite an adaptable disorder, where the closer we get to the core of the problem the more dependency is placed on the ritualistic thoughts and behaviours. This may sound absurd but OCD more often than not fills a void in your life and a common characteristic among people with OCD is fear and boredom. The fear to face anything in life disables the individual from attempting new tasks and they focus their lives in the future, which induce further anxiety as a result of the massive uncertainty and unknown that awaits them. There is however a certainty in OCD. The behaviours and thinking patterns although difficult and painfully unbearable still provide some comfort, which is one primary cycle we aim at breaking immediately.

Our practitioners are experts in helping individuals overcome OCD and we offer a 6-week OCD treatment programme, which is both intensive and highly successful.

By making an appointment now, you have the opportunity to be assessed for a bespoke level of treatment and regain control of your life and erase the need for OCD forever.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) Recovery and Management Programme in Harley Street

The six-week OCD programme is for those individuals who want to learn how to understand and control their OCD behaviours and thoughts effectively. You will learn practical techniques to keep your behaviours and thoughts in check in a calm and controlled way. You will look at the causes of your OCD and uncover the most effective ways for you to gain control of your life and cease the behaviours and thoughts hindering your progress in life.

To promote learning the programme is conducted on a one-to-one basis so that individuals can ask questions, comment freely and master key skills.

Course Overview

Week One

  • What is OCD?
  • Assessing and understanding OCD
  • Understand the OCD styles
  • Identify your style of OCD
  • Setting OCD management tasks for change

Week Two

  • Review and discussion of OCD management tasks from week one
  • Know how to express oneself in new ways not reliant on past behaviours
  • Powerful steps to controlling OCD
  • Effective problem solving using CBT and CAT
  • Define new OCD management tasks for change

Week Three

  • Review and discussion of OCD management tasks from weeks one to two
  • Understanding your OCD relational style and how this impacts relationships
  • Advanced communication skills to move you away from your OCD ‘state’
  • Recognising and avoiding OCD sabotages to relating
  • Define new OCD management tasks for change

Week Four

  • Review and discussion of OCD management tasks from weeks one to three
  • Recognising the role of negative automatic thoughts and sabotaging thoughts
  • Cognitive restructuring: new ways to think and respond
  • Define new OCD management tasks for change

Week Five

  • Review and discussion of OCD management tasks from weeks one to four
  • Identify and change your stance on life using CAT
  • Be familiar with the diagrammatic process of relating
  • Cope with escalating states of panic by recognising and acting on symptoms
  • Define new OCD management tasks for change

Week Six

  • Review and discussion of OCD management tasks from weeks one to five
  • OCD freeing actions and OCD freeing thoughts
  • Consolidation and review of learning
  • Adopting a new outlook
  • Looking towards the future

What Will I Get Out of the OCD Management Course?

  • Management of your OCD for more positive outcomes
  • New ways to remain calm in times of high pressure, panic or stress
  • Self-understanding to identify the root causes of OCD
  • Improved relationships at work and home
  • Cognitive restructuring to combat OCD behaviours and thoughts
  • Ability to use appropriate verbal and non-verbal behaviour in different situations to eradicate the need for OCD behaviours and thoughts
  • Enhanced feelings of self-confidence and self-understanding


Duration and Price


This is a six week OCD Management and Recovery Programme of six hours of face-to-face psychological therapy. Please call to discuss the complete package or visit our fees page at: http://www.harleystreetpsychology.com/fees-and-terms/


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Panic Attack Treatment

Statistically Proven Psychotherapy Methods That Offer Effective Drug-Free Relief From Panic Attacks. Regain Your Confidence. Face Your Life Without Fear. Free AudioBooks Designed To Dissolve Your Anxiety Forever.

There is a general consensus that one session may be all you need to end the misery of panic attacks… Call Now on 0207 060 5257 for a FREE 20 minute assessment with Harley Street Psychology’s Clinical Director.

We are born with two innate fears in life: the fear of falling and the fear of loud noises. Every other fear we encounter in this day and age is through learned behaviour and repetition. The problem is that the feeling of panic is very real and hindering you from living your life. Through the new and tried and tested methods we use at Harley Street Psychology we are noticing a trend in the immediate reduction of panic attacks in all our clients. These discoveries and techniques have a theoretically informed and proof driven basis for their usage, and simply put “we do not use anything that doesn’t work at Harley Street Psychology”.

Once engaged in the process from session one, you will already be on the path to experiencing a single day without a panic attack, then leading onto a life without any panic. Even living one day without a panic attack may provide you the respite that you have been lacking for a long time. This in essence will open the golden door to your ability to:

  • Face being alone without any irrational fear or anxiety
  • Leave the safety of your home
  • Make any plans away from home such as holidays
  • Improve and strengthen existing and future relationships with loved ones
  • Be at peace with yourself with no sudden fluctuations of anxiety or panic
  • Experience sound and restful sleep without heart palpitations or ruminating on thoughts
  • Sky rocket your self confidence
  • Embracing the day from the second you wake up
  • Having the ability to be social, charismatic, attractive and talkative
  • Feeling confident and comfortable in crowds of people
  • Allowing yourself to be more adventurous and open to new activities
  • Having certainty that you are not doomed and you have the ability to face anything in your future
  • Having total freedom from intrusive thoughts and being in control of your mind
  • Expand your social circle and embrace your new ability to socialise with ease
  • Be assured that you will not be fearful or have a panic attack when speaking publically
  • Save money on the countless bills for medication, anti-anxiolytics and prescription drugs
  • Enjoy mental clarity, a feeling of freedom and a life you’ve always wanted to have

You may be suffering from very real symptoms not diagnosable by your GP to be anything of serious concern, these may include:

Heart palpitations, tightness in your chest, pain when you breathe, dizzy spells, difficulty breathing and a sensation of closing of your throat, hot and cold flushes, feeling disorientated and detached from the reality of life, panic attacks or lightness in your head.

Do you find your life is engulfed with dread, fear and constant anxiety?

Persistent worrying thoughts that may not be rational, unrealistic fears of dying, fear of losing control of your bowels, fear of embarrassing yourself in front of others, fear of losing touch with reality in front of others, fear of losing total control?

Have you sought out help only to be turned away with unhelpful answers leaving you feeling alone and helpless with what you are experiencing?

Britain has only recently noted the severity and importance of dealing appropriately with mental health, and in many instances your own doctor may not know the most beneficial treatment plan for dealing with the anxiety and panic. Friends and family are a form of support but often a dead end in eradicating the problem. It can really seem like there is no one to turn to.

This does not have to be the case! There is immediate help! You need to act now and make that first step!

There does not have to be one day longer where you suffer. You do not have to surrender to the anxiety and panic. No more living in fear. You have the strength and power to beat worry, anxiety, depression and panic attacks for good.

You can regain control of your life and achieve the greatness that lies within you. Become the person you know you really are but have been unable to grow into this person.

Panic attacks erased permanently from your life!

My name is Massimo Stocchi and I am the clinical director and creator of Harley Street Psychology. The Harley Street Psychology Clinic has been a source of great inspiration and positive change for numerous individuals, couples and groups who attend our individual sessions and seminars for various difficulties.

The methods used within Harley Street Psychology to eradicate Panic Attacks and Anxiety have come from years of researching and fine tuning an authentic and no-nonsense approach which hits at the core of the anxiety and panic. Our research is constantly being collected and will form part of a new published book and therapy program.

The system in use has been in development for the past 8 years where there has been a consistent process of refinement to offer a proven formula and programme to help you live a life without anxiety and panic attacks forever. I provide you with the necessary knowledge needed to erase your previous relationship with anxiety and panic attacks from the first session. The system is easy to learn and master in a relaxed and calm environment.

Individuals suffering with anxiety and panic attacks are referred to us from all around the world. Even when they believe they have tried every imaginable cure they are guaranteed to experience a new lease on life.

Fill out your details on the contact form and we will have someone contact you within 2 hours or call now on 0207 060 5257 for a free 20 minute assessment.

Panic Attacks Can Be Easily Resolved

A problem with people who suffer from panic attacks is that they believe so greatly in the process and the existence of the panic attack that they can no longer see any hope or believe that their lives could truly exist without them. 90% of the problem lies in being able to convince you of the simple fact that your life has become tailored to include the anxiety and panic attacks that they are now common sense for you.

A key to pushing you to regain control lies in the way you have ranked anxiety and panic on your list of priorities. By being so focused on its existence and worrying about it 24/7, you are allowing yourself valuable time to create unnecessary habits and reinforce these habits making it harder for the anxiety and panic to leave. 100% of the people that come through Harley Street Psychology’s doors have not been able to unpick their anxiety and panic to the necessary level to truly change the habits and behaviors maintaining its existence.

This is why it is vital that you act on this now and not leave it for another day. We have one opportunity in life to live the life we want and you are squandering it on maintaining a vicious and unhealthy cycle that can be erased forever!!

It is essential to realize that there is no quick fix in life. Think about how much time and energy you have invested in perfecting your anxiety and panic attacks. You have spent an uncountable amount of valuable time on thinking, breathing, tasting and acting on this anxiety. We’ve all hear that we cant teach old dogs new tricks, but this is not true! You may not be able to teach old dogs new tricks linguistically, but once we change your thinking and behaviors all else follows like a charm.


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Growing Trends in Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 12.01.11

Growing Trends in OCD

OCD is an abbreviation for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. This is a disorder that can manifest at any age, however people who have the disorder will explain that they showed tendencies towards having OCD traits from a young age. There are a number of misconceptions when OCD is thought of. The common mistake is the term OCD is used flippantly to explain an excessive need for tidiness and cleanliness. This disorder in reality has the tendency to morph into very difficult and excessively grotesque variations of behaviour and thinking which can truly disable the individual.

If the mind can think it, the body can most certainly manifest it. Variations of the disorder include: catatonic states where the individual is terrified of being contaminated where the individual overrides any ability to walk and move; ritualistic behaviours which can affect breathing and other important bodily functions; hygiene and overall bodily health; pedophilic thinking and extremely destructive thinking patterns to name a few. A primary problem underlying OCD is fear. Add habit into the mix and you find it near impossible to stop the obsessions and compulsions. The reason behind this results from the level of soothing the individual receives from either the obsession or compulsive ritual or behaviour they perform so that their underlying fear does not manifest. This fear is often attached to some type of catastrophic event where the OCD is used as a means of prevention, often becoming wishful thinking.

A basic function found within all human beings is a natural ability to sooth our emotional pain i.e. crying. This process is naturally instilled in us and developed and nurtured by our primary care givers. However, the individual may not know how to self-soothe and instead creates a complex web of beliefs and behaviours which detract from their ability to neutralize the emotional pain. An additional problem is the use of language during our development into adulthood. Instead of naturally maintaining a relationship with our emotions as you will find in all children, we apply language to our means of expression and as this becomes more dominant in our lives, it eventually takes over. We essentially become language and use language as the means of emotional expression. Most people believe that by explaining how angry one is takes away the anger, but in most cases it does nothing but suppress the anger more. Instead, allowing ourselves to connect with the emotion and allow this to come out and then apply language so that we understand the reasons why this is occurring is the most beneficial way of facing emotional turmoil.

A primary component of OCD focused therapy would be learning to self-soothe and to balance out one’s catastrophic thinking and behaving. If the individual has no possibility of self soothing in a functional manner, i.e. through self talk, emotional release and self gratification, then there is a greater likelihood of them developing obsessive compulsive thinking and behaving patterns which will act as the “ritual” to induce a sense of emotional comfort. Although the overall function is to soothe, the individual reinforces this behaviour extensively to the point where it becomes a “common sense” in the body to which they become dependent on.

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 12.01.36

There is a cycle that begins to arise for the individual, which locks them into becoming dependent on this type of thinking and behaving leading to ritualizing behaviours. The rituals are immensely forceful that by not engaging with them sets the individual off on a downward spiral of panic until they eventually have a panic attack. In most of the OCD cases that we come in contact with and treat at HSP, there is a great variation between the various triggers that can set someone off into a panic mode. However, there too is an increased overlap in many cases where many common OCD concerns arise. Some of which are as follows:

Fear of death

Fear of contamination

Fear of contaminating others

Fear of being the devil

Fear of being a pedophile

Fear of killing others

Fear of rejection

Fear of hurting others

Fear of cataclysmic events

There is an interplay within all the above variations and what we usually explain is that OCD begins to fill a particular void for the individual. We assist the individual in understanding the various patterns that emerge and how to neutralize and balance out the need or dependency on OCD. This is essential, as many people who suffer with OCD lack psycho-education in the actual problem and its overall function in their lives. This in itself might sound like a strange idea that OCD has a function in ones life. You will soon realize how reliance is developed and the purpose it serves in maintaining a particular balance in your life. Hence why it is so difficult to get rid of.

Our 6 Week OCD Program is a key and sure step in the right direction in the fight for gaining control of your OCD once and for all.

To read more about the structure: http://www.harleystreetpsychology.com/obsessive-compulsive-disorder-ocd-programme/  

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