CBT or cognitive behaviour therapy in London continues to be one of the most effective approaches available in the therapeutic arena when dealing with issues around stagnant thinking patterns and behaviours that are in no way beneficial to your day to day functioning. The process of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy focuses on assisting the individual, group or family in understanding their thinking patterns which keep them stuck in their struggle. It assists the individual in finding alternate modes of thinking to replace previous ones so that they may live a richer and more fulfilled life.


The type of Cognitive behaviour therapy in London offed by the practitioners at Harley Street Psychology follows a unique structure of assisting the individual in reconditioning their thinking patterns into ones that are not only effective, but essentially move away from the stagnation previously experienced towards the creation of new modes of living and finding meaning in their day to day lives.

The intention is not simply to change the manner in which a person thinks and behaves but to provide a bespoke therapeutic endeavour which focuses on tailoring a programme that is unique and comprehensive for the individual that takes part in the cognitive behaviour therapy programme in London. This is essential when embarking on any Cognitive Behaviour Therapy programme!

Although your behaviours and thinking are challenged in CBT, what we do at Harley Street Psychology is focus on creating a sound therapeutic relationship initially where all your barriers are broken down and you can learn to be as transparent and authentic not only with yourself, but also with another human being. What this does is break the common pattern of thinking “I am not good enough”, the constant fear of being judged, actual fear itself and any other repetitive and very critical ways that we can be with ourselves. Essential to the type of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy we offer is moving you away from depressed feelings which are associated with you living too much of your life in the past, and keeping you from living too much in the future where there is a greater chance of experiencing varied bouts of anxiety—instead a primary purpose is to learn how to be mindful in living in the here and now and learn how to appreciate that this is where life is happening.

As you can see at Harley Street Psychology, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in London takes a completely different stance in just simply tackling your thinking and behaviour. It is a dedicated and focused programme that requires constant contact and engagement from you where you eventually reach a point of becoming your own therapist-one in which knows how to address any future difficulty you may encounter. We have tailored the Cognitive Behaviour Therapy programme in such a manner that when you engage completely in what we require you to do, you will experience much difference in how your life once was.


CBT cycle

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