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Dear Ma’am/Sir, 

Are you suffering with real physical symptoms like?

Chronic fatigue, Low desire, Depleted Libido, lack of motivation, dizzy spells, feelings of unreality and disorientation, high levels of anxiety, body pains and light headiness.

Do you find yourself filled with feelings of hopelessness, despair, angst, worry, fear and nervousness?

Constantly feeling as though there is nothing that can erase this blanket of darkness stuck to you. Worrying about not getting better. Being of no use to anyone including yourself. What is the point to this existence? Feeling like life has no meaning. There is no light at the end of the tunnel. Fear things getting worse. Fear of losing control. Hopelessness, helplessness, worthlessness and loss of interest

Do you feel alone, isolated and helpless, desperate for help but not knowing where or who to turn to?

The most recent research indicates that depression is one mental condition that is on the incline and affecting more and more people throughout the world. The current system places the individual suffering with depression on hold and on a waiting list for up to 6 months before a professional within the NHS can attend to their state of depression. Within this time frame a disastrous amount of different experiences could occur if the depression is not attended to appropriately, especially if the individual suffering with depression wants to address the concern. Your doctor wont always fully understand you, your friends and family wont necessarily know how to offer you support or understand your struggle. With the thousands of people here in the UK experiencing depression, it can seem like there is no one to turn to.

The truth is, there is someone to turn to. There is someone who can help you. 

You do not have to suffer any more. You do not have to give up control of your life to depression. You do not have to live in despair. You can beat your low mood, feelings of worthlessness and add meaning to the meaninglessness.

Now you can gain control of your life and your health without being dependent on drugs… achieve your life’s ambitions without the anchor of depression holding you back… and overcome these physical symptoms.

My name is Massimo Stocchi, the clinical director of Harley Street Psychology. Nothing gives me more pleasure than assisting individuals achieve a healthy, balanced and enriched life. I feel it is my job to care and although this is a job, to me it is a life long passionate commitment. A passionate commitment to take you on an internal journey to eradicate any blockages that may be hindering you by using the most up-to-date scientific methods from the fields of Psychology, Hypnotherapy, NLP and Existential Psychotherapy.

Harley Street Psychology prides itself on receiving referrals from individuals who are at their wits end having tried every treatment imaginable. We additionally pride our self on working with the most disturbing and deeply entrenched disorders that most other professionals will not attempt at resolving. Here is where our guarantee lies! We guarantee that our methods are very much bespoke and we truly do tailor each an every session strategically like a game of chess where we work collaboratively with you, but aim to be five steps ahead in creating the safe yet challenging environment needed to get you back to living your life!

Why Do You Feel Depressed?

Life is designed in a manner where we experience a mix of good and bad. Some days may be worse than others and then we experience the light at the end of the tunnel with some goodness. The problem here is that most of us do not believe that the light at the end of the tunnel will ever arrive, so we instead focus all our energy on the problem at hand through ruminating thoughts about how things were in the past. This maintains a Stuckness that after a period of time creates a habitual relationship with depressed feelings and we then reach a point where we no longer know what a “normal” life feels like. We have become to accustomed to having depressed feelings and we go against our belief systems and slowly but surely instill flawed belief systems that do us no justice. In addition to this we add fear to the mix and sabotages any potentiality of truly overcoming the depression on our own.

A real problem with suffering with depression is that our bodies respond in a manner, which causes additional bodily harm. The sluggishness attached to depression causes us to lose our life force and energy, which increases the aging process, adds to the risk of heart disease, makes us vulnerable to cancers and other bodily ailments none of us wish to have. The worst problem associated with depression is that people who suffer with depression believe they have no choice and they have completely surrendered to this “old friend” called depression. This does not have to be the case, as our methods DO WORK. Maybe other practitioners and professionals will buy into the belief system that you don’t have a choice, but the reality is that YOU DO!

Happiness and sadness are the “givens” and reality attached to life for all of us. The individual has to go through bad experiences to be able to learn and make sense of the world. Without these experiences we have no point of reference to navigate our way through life. A problem with society is that there is the expectation that we should be happy all the time and misery and sadness are taboo subjects to speak about. This is where the choice comes in. YOU HAVE A CHOICE to face up to the persistent sadness, anxiety, empty feelings hopelessness, helplessness, worthlessness and loss of pleasure with life… but NOT ALONE! 

Depression needs immediate attention and it is your opportunity to act now. Harley Street Psychology is the place where you will receive the utmost in treating your depression, and even after the first session you will feel a shift in the way you see the depression and how you have previously felt.

Changing Focus Changes How You Feel!

Our thinking is designed in a way to either amplify or reduce the intensity of the thought. This is dependent on where we place our focus and how we attend to the thoughts we are ruminating on. The more we detach from the feelings attached to the thoughts the more able we are to move away from the thoughts and carry on with our daily life. However, when we connect emotions to thoughts it becomes near impossible to erase the thought we have fixated on. This is a matter of perception firstly, but when stuck in this cycle it is very difficult to remove the emotion attached to the thoughts and beliefs you have now created. By allowing us to help you refocus and retrain you in how to think and how to feel, you will be equipped with all the necessary tools and experience through the sessions to cope with anything life throws at you.  

The six-week Depression programme is for those individuals who want to learn how to understand and control their depressive behaviours and thoughts effectively. You will learn practical techniques to keep your behaviours and thoughts in check in a calm and controlled way pushing you forward away from feeling depressed. You will look at the causes of your Depression and uncover the most effective ways for you to gain control of your life and cease the behaviours and thoughts hindering your progress in life.

To promote learning, the programme is conducted on a one-to-one basis so that individuals can ask questions, comment freely and master key skills.

Course Overview

Week One

  • What is Depression?
  • Assessing and understanding Depression
  • Understand the Depression styles
  • Identify your style of Depression
  • Setting Depression management tasks for change

Week Two

  • Review and discussion of Depression management tasks from week one
  • Know how to express oneself in new ways not reliant on past behaviours and thoughts
  • Powerful steps to controlling Depression
  • Effective problem solving using CBT and CAT
  • Define new Depression management tasks for change

Week Three

  • Review and discussion of Depression management tasks from weeks one to two
  • Understanding your Depression relational style and how this impacts relationships
  • Advanced communication skills to move you away from your Depressed ‘state’
  • Recognising and avoiding Depression sabotages to relating
  • Define new Depression management tasks for change

Week Four

  • Review and discussion of Depression management tasks from weeks one to three
  • Recognising the role of negative automatic thoughts and sabotaging thoughts
  • Cognitive restructuring: new ways to think and respond
  • Define new Depression management tasks for change

Week Five

  • Review and discussion of Depression management tasks from weeks one to four
  • Identify and change your stance on life using CAT
  • Be familiar with the diagrammatic process of relating
  • Cope with escalating states of panic/depression by recognising and acting on symptoms
  • Define new Depression management tasks for change

Week Six

  • Review and discussion of Depression management tasks from weeks one to five
  • Depression freeing actions and Depression freeing thoughts
  • Consolidation and review of learning
  • Adopting a new outlook
  • Looking towards the future

What Will I Get Out of the Depression Management Course?

  • Management of your Depression for more positive outcomes
  • New ways to remain calm in times of high pressure, panic or stress
  • Self-understanding to identify the root causes of Depression
  • Improved relationships at work and home
  • Cognitive restructuring to combat Depressive behaviours and thoughts
  • Ability to use appropriate verbal and non-verbal behaviour in different situations to eradicate the need for Depressive behaviours and thoughts
  • Enhanced feelings of self-confidence and self-understanding

Duration and Price

This is a six week Depression Management and Recovery Programme of six hours of face-to-face psychological therapy. Please call to discuss the complete package or visit our fees page at: http://www.harleystreetpsychology.com/fees-and-terms/

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