What is Life Coaching?

Much of life is based on the simple premise that we create goals and we work our way to achieving that goal. Along the ay we will experiences success and failure, where the hope is that we learn from the failure and adjust ourselves to remain on course to achieving the goal we set out to achieve in the first place. Unfortunately life does not always go to plan and we can at times be too overwhelmed by our failures and mistakes causing us to become afraid to carry on pushing forward.

Life coaching and self-development counselling likens itself to a coach in any sport, where the sportsman knows how to play the game and more than likely has all the expertise to make them successful, however with the assistance from the coach they are able to fine tune and iron out any barriers and limitations they may not see. Life coaching in essence is the practice of helping you gain clarity and confidence in order to overcome any barriers you may meet or perceive and to determine and achieve your goals.

For the sportsman or team to be really successful, they need an effective and highly attuned coach who can hone into their needs on a physical, emotional, and cognitive level to help them achieve their greatness. The same applies to the general population who may not be sports superstars. We still have the desire to do well in life and achieve a better standard of living so that we can experience more wonder in the world. This is where it is essential to work closely with a coach to achieve your full potential.

Personal Development Coaching at Harley Street Psychology™ London

At Harley Street Psychology London, our therapists have all specialised in a number of therapeutic modalities. Each therapist has expertise in Cognitive Behavioural techniques to help you understand why there is a misalignment in your thinking and behaving. It is essential to realise that although personal development coaching focuses on setting goals with the aim of strengthening your abilities to achieve them, a central feature is learning how to live and strive in the present.

CBT primarily focuses on challenging negative or stagnant thinking patterns which have manifested in “bad” behavioural patterns. We all know how negative thinking and behaving can impact our overall success and function in the world and this is one fool-proof method of overcoming ineffective functioning. The team at Harley Street Psychology will all work with you in a bespoke fashion as we all realise that no two people are alike.

The bespoke attitude is to fine tune the coaching to such a standard that you feel completely understood in which way you endeavour to steer your life.  Not only is this essential for you and your wellbeing, but equally for the therapist you choose to work with. By creating a bespoke environment we as therapists are keenly interested in helping you achieve your dreams and goals because it makes our jobs interesting and see this as a real privilege to be allowed entry into your lived world.

Benefits of Life Coaching and Personal Development Counselling

  • Achieving a clear understanding of your current circumstances and mapping out your goals and definiteness of purpose.
  • Identify and accept the barriers that prevent change
  • Deletes negative thinking patterns which lead to unhealthy behaviours
  • Gain increased focus, motivation and confidence and move from thinking to action
  • Develops a personalised plan of action, tailored to your circumstances.

How Does Personal Development Coaching Work in Practice?

Life-coaching and Personal development coaching sessions will occur weekly and generally will be 50 minutes in length, however at Harley Street Psychology we believe that for the greatest level of change there needs to a greater saturation point to “drown out” older and obsolete ways of thinking… for this we offer 2 hour sessions weekly. By engaging in a 2 hour session, you are flooding your body and mind with new information which negates and challenges your previous belief systems.

By following the guidance of your Personal development coach, finding the appropriate experience to put these new patterns of thinking and behaving into practice will solidify a new and successful way of relating within your world. These sessions can also be undertaken via telephone, skype or email depending on the arrangements made with your therapist. Finally, it is vital to remember that all discussions between you and your life coach are strictly confidential and you will not be forced into any decisions/activities you have not agreed to with your coach.

What Issues Are Suited to Life Coaching?

Life has a miraculous ability to put us in compromising situations where one second we may feel that we are on top of things and the next second life seems completely unmanageable. When life feels unmanageable, more often than not we are to enmeshed in the experience and have no ability to see out to regain a sense of perspective: this is where it is vital to have a coach.

As a starting point simply to regain perspective on life, but at the core of the process to ensure that these setbacks do not occur again and if they do knowing that you are equipped with the ability to overcome any obstacle in your way.  There is an endless variety of areas where life coaching is suitable and although life coaching is historically associated with professionals in the corporate world, truly anyone can benefit from life coaching. At the core of the practice of life coaching is to help you achieve the goal you desire.

Some areas that life coaching and personal development coaching can help you with:

  • Career (change of career, new business ideas, promotions, performance)
  • Physical health and fitness goals, Sports performance and mind-set
  • Achieving Life purpose and Goals
  • Stress management, work-life balance
  • Relationships (including: meeting people, dating, rapport building and couples)
  • Self-confidence, self-esteem and self-image issues
  • Communication problems, Fear of speaking, public speaking
  • Corporate life coaching.

Please contact us on 0207 060 5257 to discuss how personal development life coaching could benefit you and your life If you feel you could benefit from the expertise of one of our dedicated counselling psychologists, please do contact us for a free chat about how we can help. Or use our online booking form to submit an appointment request!

Further Reading on Life Coaching/Self-Development Counselling:
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