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Imagine for a second what your life would be like when you overcome OCD today. Note the feelings of relief you may feel just from holding that image in your mind for a second! Imagine the amount of time you will have available to yourself to do all the things you’ve ever wanted to do. BUT also take note that none of these experiences will manifest unless you have the knowledge and skills necessary to face up to your OCD.

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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is a series of obsessive and compulsive thoughts and behavioural patterns, which develop as a result of heightened levels of fear associated with an outcome we hope, doesn’t occur. Because of the intricate thoughts and behaviours that begin to be associated with the feared outcome, the individual becomes reliant on ritualistic behaviour and thinking, which causes additional distress and panic. These irrational thinking patterns and behaviours interfere with day-to-day life and so much time and energy is focused on the rituals that no day can be attended to “normally” without the usage of them. Some of the common compulsions include repetitive checking and re-checking, excessive washing, hoarding objects with no use or meaning, paedophilic thoughts, extreme thoughts of hurting others, fear of the devil and other fantastical creatures, fear of contamination, fear of contaminating others.

Many practitioners do not understand the depth and difficulty of OCD and tend to be quite dismissive of the symptoms due to there being a constant shift in the type of compulsions and behaviours. We have noted that OCD is quite an adaptable disorder, where the closer we get to the core of the problem the more dependency is placed on the ritualistic thoughts and behaviours. This may sound absurd but OCD more often than not fills a void in your life and a common characteristic among people with OCD is fear and boredom. The fear to face anything in life disables the individual from attempting new tasks and they focus their lives in the future, which induce further anxiety as a result of the massive uncertainty and unknown that awaits them. There is however a certainty in OCD. The behaviours and thinking patterns although difficult and painfully unbearable still provide some comfort, which is one primary cycle we aim at breaking immediately.

Our practitioners are experts in helping individuals overcome OCD and we offer a 6-week OCD treatment programme, which is both intensive and highly successful.

By making an appointment now, you have the opportunity to be assessed for a bespoke level of treatment and regain control of your life and erase the need for OCD forever.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) Recovery and Management Programme in Harley Street

The six-week OCD programme is for those individuals who want to learn how to understand and control their OCD behaviours and thoughts effectively. You will learn practical techniques to keep your behaviours and thoughts in check in a calm and controlled way. You will look at the causes of your OCD and uncover the most effective ways for you to gain control of your life and cease the behaviours and thoughts hindering your progress in life.

To promote learning the programme is conducted on a one-to-one basis so that individuals can ask questions, comment freely and master key skills.

Course Overview

Week One

  • What is OCD?
  • Assessing and understanding OCD
  • Understand the OCD styles
  • Identify your style of OCD
  • Setting OCD management tasks for change

Week Two

  • Review and discussion of OCD management tasks from week one
  • Know how to express oneself in new ways not reliant on past behaviours
  • Powerful steps to controlling OCD
  • Effective problem solving using CBT and CAT
  • Define new OCD management tasks for change

Week Three

  • Review and discussion of OCD management tasks from weeks one to two
  • Understanding your OCD relational style and how this impacts relationships
  • Advanced communication skills to move you away from your OCD ‘state’
  • Recognising and avoiding OCD sabotages to relating
  • Define new OCD management tasks for change

Week Four

  • Review and discussion of OCD management tasks from weeks one to three
  • Recognising the role of negative automatic thoughts and sabotaging thoughts
  • Cognitive restructuring: new ways to think and respond
  • Define new OCD management tasks for change

Week Five

  • Review and discussion of OCD management tasks from weeks one to four
  • Identify and change your stance on life using CAT
  • Be familiar with the diagrammatic process of relating
  • Cope with escalating states of panic by recognising and acting on symptoms
  • Define new OCD management tasks for change

Week Six

  • Review and discussion of OCD management tasks from weeks one to five
  • OCD freeing actions and OCD freeing thoughts
  • Consolidation and review of learning
  • Adopting a new outlook
  • Looking towards the future

What Will I Get Out of the OCD Management Course?

  • Management of your OCD for more positive outcomes
  • New ways to remain calm in times of high pressure, panic or stress
  • Self-understanding to identify the root causes of OCD
  • Improved relationships at work and home
  • Cognitive restructuring to combat OCD behaviours and thoughts
  • Ability to use appropriate verbal and non-verbal behaviour in different situations to eradicate the need for OCD behaviours and thoughts
  • Enhanced feelings of self-confidence and self-understanding


Duration and Price


This is a six week OCD Management and Recovery Programme of six hours of face-to-face psychological therapy. Please call to discuss the complete package or visit our fees page at: http://www.harleystreetpsychology.com/fees-and-terms/


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