“Massimo Stocchi is a very incisive and professional individual. During our therapy together he has shown himself to be extremely dedicated and goal orientated with a tedious work ethic. He is without a doubt a highly motivated person, a strategic thinker with impeccable time management skills, encompassing a pragmatic yet inclusive style throughout the therapy. His capabilities and therapeutic experience span in a range of sectors which in the interim complement each other and prove themselves invaluable.”


“Massimo is a very dedicated therapist. He makes you feel at ease from the moment you walk in the room and really doesn’t judge at all. He is very strategic and his goal in mind is to help whoever is sat in front of him. Very genuine and down to earth guy. Would happily recommend.”


The first time you meet Massimo, you immediately get the sense of reassurance in his professional and calm approach. He engages issues without prejudice which allows you to be at ease in unveiling a different view in life that is within you. He is very articulate in conversation which enhances the openness as well as the learning process of a person. The balance in his approach allows you to realise the path to take to recovery without patronising your vulnerabilities. Our conversations were not only therapeutic as well as insightful in helping me find a different way of thinking.


Simply put Massimo is a breath fresh in what is a hectic and demanding world. He brings his own unique therapeutic style that gives you the confidence to take on the various challenges that life has to throw at you. The sessions i have spent with Massimo have been invaluable as well as eye opening. I really don’t think i could thank Massimo enough for all the help he has provided for me.

Would highly recommend


Seeing Massimo has changed my life in a very positive way. I have achieved significant growth as a person during my time in therapy with Massimo, as well as feeling more in control of my life and destiny.

I’d highly recommend Massimo, he’s genuinely committed and dedicated to helping his clients achieve their goals. He also possesses a tremendous amount of patience to listen to problems thoroughly and suggest a variety of approaches to see which works best.

Most of all, he made the process of therapy enjoyable and I always looked forward to my sessions.


I would highly recommend Massimo. His advice and therapy has been fantastic. Always willing to listen and help. He made the treatments comfortable and I was able to deal with areas of my life which I didn’t feel I would ever overcome. I now look at life with a smile and am totally transformed as a person. I am so happy I shared this experience with Massimo – (Someone who takes you through the process at your own pace and comfort). Professional, highly motivated, dedicated and helpful. The best part is he never tells you what to do but somehow manages to make you find your own solution. Once you have that internal answer putting it into practice becomes easier and problems somehow shrink! Would highly recommend!


Massimo has made a significant impact to my life. He has helped me manage myself practically and emotionally through a difficult time. He has a contagious positive energy that feeds the ability and desire to learn. He is intuitively probing and walked with me through my challenges, facilitating self-knowledge and helping me to locate and use my own inner resource with which to grow and move forward. Massimo is enthusiastic, friendly and supportive – enabling healing. He has a practical approach and gives very useful guidance which is rooted in his depth of knowledge and experience. This delivers solutions and enduring tools to maintain on-going stability and continued development.

I highly recommend.


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